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PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) has become the soul of industrial automation as it is the hardware component that is directly in contact with the instruments of the field. It gives the access to control and monitor the array of connected machinery and the software system integrated with it. The PLC system can efficiently work with a variety of communication protocols like data analysis, conversions, i/o interfacing, linking, signal processing, rendering etc. The system is absolutely user-programmable. Its monitoring and maintenance are even more hassle free. One can set triggers on different parameters like temperature, liquid level, opening or closing of valves, etc. It can be used in the simplest of devices like garage doors to the complex systems like a powerhouse.

The applications and uses of Programmable Logic Controllers are wide and diverse in nature. Be it a residential, commercial, or industrial setting, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) play a huge role in our daily lives. A PLC linked with graphical displays such as an HMI are key components of the broader concept of SCADA. Both these phenomena help propel the applicability of SCADA systems across different industrial sectors. Take your manufacturing processes to the next level with Schneider Electric Singapore’s wide range of innovation-driven PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), specially designed to give you greater control in even the harshest and most hostile conditions.

Controllers for Industrial Machines

Schneider Electric Modicon PLC M221

Modicon Logic Controller M221

For hardwired architectures. Achieve benchmark performance while increasing profitability with the Modicon M221 PLC, the most complete controller in the Modicon range


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Schneider Electric Modicon PLC M241

Modicon Logic Controller M241

For performance-demanding applications. Achieve benchmark performance and embedded motion with the Modicon M241 logic controller, the most communicative controller on the market thanks to 5 embedded communication ports. 

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Schneider Electric Modicon PLC M251

Modicon Logic Controller M251

For modular and distributed architectures. Increase flexibility, while saving space in your cabinet with the Modicon M251 logic controller for modular and distributed architectures.

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Schneider Electric PLC M262

Modicon Logic Controller M262

IIoT-ready logic & motion controller for performance machines. Modicon M262 controllers embed Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) protocols and encryption to provide direct cloud connectivity & digital services.

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PLCs, PACs Controllers

Schneider Electric Modicon PLC M580

Modicon M580 – ePAC Controller

Ethernet Programmable Automation & Safety PLC for process, high availability & safety stand-alone solutions. Modicon M580 ePAC is the controller which can help hybrid manufacturers achieve better, measurable*, earlier ROI and Up to 100% returns on their project investments in less than three months.

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